Plastic Free Failing

I've been seriously studying all the ways I personally use plastic and trying to cut back. I believe I'm doing pretty well, using lots of glass containers and reusing plastic ones I had already. I stopped buying disposable razors last year and I have a bamboo toothbrush on the way from Amazon. But this week I failed completely. 😔


Monday was the best day, I was totally on a roll. I used my reusable bags grocery shopping and deliberately bought things with either no packaging or cardboard/paper packaging. But I worked most of the day so it was pretty easy.


We ate at home most of the day (seriously, food is where we find the most plastic!), but in the evening, the littlest had ice skating lessons, so I took her to Subway. I actually did pretty good. We ate in instead of taking it to go, which saved on the plastic bag, and I opted out of the straw and lid on my drink. But as I was congratulating myself I realized kiddo was drinking chocolate milk from a plastic bottle. Darn.


Even as I vowed to do better the night before, the first thing I saw this morning was the kitchen sink. Hard as I try to keep a clean house, I don't live alone. Four other people live here. So I walked past the mess this morning, grabbed my keys, and went to McDonald's to get breakfast for everyone. Shit.

I walked out with a plastic lid on my coffee (probably plastic lining the cup too), and then poured two little plastic cups of creamer into it and used a plastic stir-stick to mix it all up. Then I carried the big plastic bag full of food to kitchen and served my family off the plastic trays the hot cakes come in.


Although I'm feeling defeated, I'm not beating myself up about this. It's HARD to avoid plastic. It comes at you from every direction all day long and even sometimes without you knowing it (as in the case of plastic lined paper cups). It's crazy hard.

So I'm just checking my list of things to do better and giving myself credit for the ones I do. Tomorrow is a new day!