I'm Natalie and I am the owner and designer at OLIVE MANNA: textiles & paper goods, since 2007. I am also a work-at-home mom with three young girls, all of whom are currently learning from home along side me. This makes the days filled with emails, sketches, swatches, and then meals, reading, quizzing, field-trips, and more.

Married since 2001 and a mom since 2002, I find my identity tightly woven in my God, my groom and girls, and also with my craft and my business. Knitting since the age of 12 and crafting long before that, it has been a real joy to be able to blend this creative life into marriage and motherhood. It is fairly stressful at times. The house is often untidy, the laundry undone, the bills waiting for payday, but in the middle, there's joy.

This website is a place for me to catalog my work for prospective buyers and employers in the future while also allowing an outlet for communicating with other makers and moms.

Some Favorite Music